We’re thrilled that you are interested in starting a new SIGHT group! After submitting your petition and receiving approval as a new SIGHT Group, you will join the many active SIGHT Groups around the globe that are partnering with under-served communities and local organizations to leverage technology for sustainable development.

To start a new SIGHT group, you will need to complete a SIGHT Group Petition form.

Log on to the online portal to submit a petition. 

Below is an overview of the typical process to start a SIGHT Group.Steps

Step 1: Think

  1. Familiarize yourself with the overall SIGHT program and review the list of active SIGHT groups.
  2. Determine what type of group you will form, Professional SIGHT or University SIGHT:
    • if you are an IEEE member who is a faculty member, staff, or student forming a group within your University, you will be a University SIGHT.
    • if you are an IEEE member forming a group with others from a society, section, region, or Council, you will be a Professional SIGHT.
  3. Reflect on your motivations, areas of interest and your commitment to SIGHT.
  4. Think about a local community in need and how your group could work to provide solutions.

Step 2: Build 

  1. Create a team of interested individuals (at least 6 IEEE members) to volunteer.
  2. All University SIGHTs must include a Faculty Lead
  3. Navigate to the online portal, create an account, and fill out the petition form.

Step 3: Sign

    • The petition to establish a SIGHT contains the following:
        • Name of the Parent OU (Section,  Student Branch, or Society).
        • Name and contact information of the organizer —in the case of a University SIGHT, the organizer must be a higher grade member).
        • Signatures of at least six (6) IEEE voting Members who are Members of the Section/Student Branch/Society involved, and who indicate they will join the SIGHT if established. Additional IEEE members and others are welcome.
        • The mission/goals and proposed activities for first year.
        • Signature of the Chair of the Parent OU (Branch Counselor for Student Branches) and interim Chair of SIGHT group.
    • Collect the signatures on the Member and OU approval document and include with your petition.

Step 4: Send

    • Once you have finished and submitted the petition form in the online portal, a SIGHT staff member will review the petition and advise if there are any discrepancies. If all conditions are satisfied, the SIGHT office will inform the applicant that the petition is complete.

Step 5: Approve

    • The SSC will review your application. If they have questions or concerns, the committee will be in touch to let you know how you can improve your petition. Once they are satisfied with your petition, your group is approved and you can get going!

Questions? Please refer to the FAQs section of the toolkit.