We’re thrilled that you are interested in starting a new IEEE SIGHT group! If your petition is accepted, you will join the many SIGHT Groups around the globe that are partnering with underserved communities and local organizations to leverage technology for sustainable development.

To start a new SIGHT group, you will need to submit a SIGHT Group Petition Form.

Before you submit a petition to start a new SIGHT Group: 

  • Check to make sure there is not an existing SIGHT Group at your Section or Student Branch (or other IEEE Organizational Unit). You can check the map on the SIGHT website home page, or write to email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  • Watch this recorded webinar (or read the slides) on recommendations for establishing a SIGHT Group and writing a strong petition. 
  • Read through a blank petition form to begin considering your responses. Please note that only SIGHT Group petitions submitted via the HAC/SIGHT online portal will be evaluated.

Below is an overview of the process to start a new SIGHT Group.


Step 1: Think

  • Familiarize yourself with the overall SIGHT program. A SIGHT Group’s members come together to learn about sustainable development, build relationships within their local communities, and implement projects and activities that utilize technology to tackle key problems within the community. 
  • Think about a specific community with a need that could be addressed through a technological solution.
    • Some examples of a local community entity with a need may be: A rural school without a consistent power supply, a medical center without a digital database to collect patient information, or an organization that works with the local indigenous community that needs a stable Internet connection. 
  • List your skills, capabilities, local connections, experience, and passion that you could apply to address the need identified.
  • Consider how you could connect with leaders of the community to learn more about the challenge and discuss working together. 

Step 2: Build 

Step 3: Sign

  • Navigate to the HAC/SIGHT online portal to complete and submit your petition. If you are a first-time applicant, you will need to create an account. Then navigate to the “Apply” page and select the “SIGHT Group Petition Process.”
  • Collect the necessary signatures on the Member and OU approval document and upload it to your petition.
  • IMPORTANT: Before submitting, check the items below to ensure the petition you have submitted is complete.
    • The Group should have at least six active IEEE Members.
    • At least one person in the Group should have an IEEE membership grade of “Member” or higher. For Groups formed within IEEE Student Branches, please include your Counselor, or another faculty member who will be involved with the Group’s activities
    • The Member and OU approval document should include Group members’ signatures, in addition to the signature of the Section Chair.

Step 4: Send

  • Once you have submitted the petition form in the online portal, a SIGHT staff member will review it to ensure completeness and alignment with SIGHT’s scope of work. If all conditions are satisfied, the SIGHT office will confirm that the petition is complete.

Step 5: Approve

  • IEEE SIGHT will review your application. If there are questions or concerns, we will write to request clarification. 
  • Once approved, your Group can get to work!

Questions? Write to us at email hidden; JavaScript is required.