IV. SIGHT Group Operations & Structure

SIGHT Groups follow the guidelines in the SIGHT Group Operations Handbook.

The Handbook ensures consistency in the operational practices of SIGHT Groups across the world, provide guidelines to help Groups form and operate, and strengthen the resources and support system for members of existing SIGHT Groups.

Sections include:

  • Definition of a SIGHT Group
  • SIGHT Group Formation
  • SIGHT Group Management
  • SIGHT Group Officer Roles & Responsibilities
  • SIGHT Group Election Process
  • SIGHT Group Branding
  • Financial Management of SIGHT Group Funds
  • SIGHT Group Requirements for Membership, Activities, and Reporting
  • SIGHT Group Probation


The Section on SIGHT Group Requirements for Reporting will likely be of particular interest to SIGHT Groups. 

A SIGHT Group shall submit reports of events, meetings, and activities via IEEE vTools Event Reporting.

A SIGHT Group shall report any changes in its elected Group Officers via IEEE vTools Officer Reporting.

All SIGHT Groups will have the opportunity to provide additional information on their Group’s activities if they would like to be considered for the SIGHT Group of the Year Award.