I. Humanitarian Technology and Sustainable Development Projects

SIGHT Groups participate in “feet on the ground” initiatives that contributes positively to the local community. SIGHT Projects engage IEEE volunteers with underserved communities and local organizations to leverage technology for sustainable development.

SIGHT Projects are eligible for funding through the SIGHT Project Proposal process if they comply with the following guidelines:

  1. SIGHT projects include: technology development, technology deployment or policy projects.
  2. Must benefit an under-served group.
  3. Have a technology component, but can be in any thematic area.
  4. May involve multiple activities (community building, technology adaptation, deployment, etc.).
  5. Must focus on ensuring the sustainability of project results.

As you explore the project planning tools and resources and plan for a successful project proposal process, we recommend utilizing the following SIGHT Project worksheets and templates.

  1. IEEE SIGHT Logic Model Worksheet
  2. External Environment Worksheet
  3. Risk Analysis Worksheet
  4. Project Budget Template
  5. Project Management Template

We also recommend utilizing Engineering for Change’s Solutions Library to see what has already been developed.

If your SIGHT group is not ready or able to initiate a sustainable Custom SIGHT Project on your own, you may engage with another existing IEEE humanitarian project initiative.  For example:

  • addIEEE Smart Village

    IEEE Smart Village empowers off-grid communities through education and the creation of sustainable, affordable, locally owned entrepreneurial energy businesses.

    1. Review IEEE Smart Village website.
    2. Watch IEEE Smart Village videos to become more familiar with the mission and vision.
    3. Follow Smart Village on social media (Twitter & Facebook) and participate in the conversation.
    4. Complete the IEEE Smart Village Volunteer interest form and express your interest as a SIGHT group to participate in various capacities.
  • addIEEE EPICS Projects

    EPICS in IEEE empowers IEEE volunteers and students to work with local service organizations to apply technical knowledge to implement solutions for a community’s unique challenges. The students deliver meaningful benefit and gain real-world experience, and advisors expose students to uncommon educational opportunities.

    1. Get to know the EPICS program and explore past EPICS projects.
    2. Follow the EPICS guidelines to submit a project.

Questions? Please refer to the FAQ section of the toolkit.